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Yes, it’s that simple! When you choose us, we take care of everything. Right from setting up the rigs to providing you with right software for mining, we are here to assist you at every single step. All you need to do is create your mining account and pick a plan that meets your mining strategy. This way you can start Bitcoin mining today! Say goodbye to mining hardware and hassles forever!

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Super Simple Mining understands your mining needs like no one else! We know that when it comes to mining bitcoins, you don’t want a slow or outdated system. Also, our system has the ability to circumvent those times when the overall bitcoin mining difficulty is high and turn them into profits for you. You don't have to worry, we have you covered in all aspects! Feel free to mine Bitcoins on our platform and enjoy hassle-free mining everyday!

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We provide you with instant payout facility! When you start mining with us, we make payouts as soon as you ask for it. Use our mining portal to make an investment and we will provide you with quick and convenient payouts regularly.

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*Estimated Profit 0.0000141 per 1 Day(s)

Hash Rate
1.5 TH/S

Contract day(s) 730 day (s)

Open-Ended Bitcoin Mining

Maintenance Fee Applies

* According to current BTC network Stats



*Estimated Profit 0.00161 per 1 Day(s)

Hash Rate
17 TH/S

Contract day(s) 730 day (s)

Open-Ended Bitcoin Mining

Maintenance Fee Applies

* According to current BTC network Stats



*Estimated Profit 0.01425 per 1 Day(s)

Hash Rate
51 TH/S

Contract day(s) 730 day (s)

Open-Ended Bitcoin Mining

Maintenance Fee Applies

* According to current BTC network Stats

Plan Information

Bitcoin Mining Services


At Super Simple Mining, we are committed to providing you with 100% customer satisfaction and support. Given that Bitcoin is a decentralized, open-source and an immensely popular cryptocoin, we focus on providing you with mining services of the highest quality and standards. When it comes to mining Bitcoin, users require a highly sophisticated ASIC-Hardware using the SHA-256 algorithm. This allows users to mine Bitcoin with much ease and perfection.


Term of the Contract


730 days (2 years)

The contract would be applicable for a period of 730 days or 2 years even when the daily mining profits is not at par with the maintenance fees. This would always enable you to produce Bitcoins exactly the way you wish to.

Please note that the interest rates specified in the plan table above have been calculated as a monthly estimate and the estimated profits have been shown based on a daily profit estimate only and these are bound to change at anytime depending on the bitcoin mining network profitability.

The mining produce on a daily basis is identified in three distinct ways including the difficulty in mining, the applicable maintenance fee as well as the Bitcoin/USD rate of exchange. Please note: the maintenance fees includes all cooling, electricity, development as well as the costs of servicing. While, cooling and electricity costs cannot be controlled, as they are highly unpredictable, we always use highly sophisticated technology for mining and work towards keeping our data centers up and running all the time. Learn more about more about this at our mining terms and conditions or get in touch with our customer support team if you have further queries.


Maintenance fee Deduction


We deduct maintenance fee for all our plans and the current fee is fixed at 0.0005 BTC for any withdrawal made on the platform. Kindly note the fee has been fixed in terms of bitcoin. However, it is calculated on the basis of the daily reward earned in BTC. Kindly read the Terms of Contract for any further clarification.


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How it Works?

Super Simple Mining has always been at the forefront of providing best in class and innovative Bitcoin mining services to miners across the globe. Our mining equipment is highly efficient and innovatively designed to assist you in your Bitcoin mining endeavour.Our data centers, which are scattered all over the UK can handle multiple miners, who in turn are connected to different pools. We let you connect with your preferred pool. This enables you to pick the right or profitable pool combination. Finally, the cryptocurrencies that are mined are given to our clients based on their hashrate share within the system.


Our Features

Instant Mining

Start mining right after you have bought a plan within your account! Get your first payout in no more than 24 hours.

Quick Withdrawal

With us you’ll always enjoy quick withdrawals! Simply choose an amount and we will process your withdrawals instantly or no more than 24 hours!

Mining Statistics

Get real time mining statistics and relevant information anytime, anywhere.

Allocate Pools

We let you choose the pools that you intend to hashrate for the purpose of mining. This way you can pick your profitable or preferred pool combination.

Fixed Fees

No need to worry about any hidden commissions or fees. All your transactions are easily visible.

Quick Deposit

We make bitcoin mining simple and hassle-free! With our quick deposit system, you can deposit using BTC and start to generate mining profits after 24 hours!

Data Centres


We have set up one of the best mining infrastructure for mining bitcoins. Our facility is being constantly upgraded to meet mining standards and requirements. Our data center comes with excellent computational capabilities and feature advanced mining rigs, which make mining hash algorithms for Bitcoins pretty simple and convenient. We have built a robust and highly sophisticated architecture, which makes our data center extremely secure for Bitcoin mining.  Our data centers offer 99.95% uptime and boasts of the immersion and air cooling solution. With our advanced hardware technology, layer protection and round the clock technical support and assistance, we guarantee exceptional performance at every step.

Meet our Team


The Super Simple Mining team is dedicated to enhancing as well as simplifying the Bitcoin mining process. Our professional and experienced team members ensure that mining and transacting Bitcoins is quick and convenient. Every single member on the team collaborates with each other to provide miners with the best in class mining experience. We firmly believe that cryptocurrency is here to stay and hence we work hard to make Bitcoin mining easy and accessible for everyone. Our Bitcoin mining team has vast amount of mining experience and knowledge, which further enables them to innovate and further implement their unique ideas for the benefit of the miners. We are always informed and updated about the latest innovations in the Bitcoin mining space, connect with us to know more about our company and team members!


Director and Lead Engineer, Super Simple Mining LTD