Frequently asked question

Bitcoin Mining – What is it?

Bitcoin mining is essentially a P2P computer procedure, which is used for securing as well as verifying bitcoin related transactions and payments made between two users on a decentralized blockchain network. Every group of Bitcoin transactions are referred to as blocks. Every block is secured by miners and further built to form a single chain. This particular ledger, consisting of transactions conducted in the past, is known as the blockchain. This blockchain confirms different transactions on the entire network as and when they take place.hgk

How should I initiate mining?

You need to sign up with us and choose and pay for a plan to initiate bitcoin cloud mining.

How Can Bitcoin Mining help me in creating new coins?

The main aim of Bitcoin mining is to enable Bitcoin nodes to offer safe and secure mining. In fact, Bitcoins are introduced within the network through mining. Miners thus get their fees for every single Bitcoin transaction, in addition to coins that are newly produced, which is referred to as block rewards. This way, new bitcoins are disseminated in a decentralized way and people are motivated to offer security and safety within the network via mining.

What is a mining pool?

Bitcoin mining pools involve individual bitcoin miners who together contribute towards the creation of a mining block and later divide the reward in accordance with the hashrate (processing power) chosen by them.

Are Bitcoins Legal?

Bitcoins are completely legal. However, few countries have put a ban on the cryptocurrency. You can find more information on leading search engines such as Google. It must be noted that cryptocurrency regulations are different for different nations and thus it is important that you check the Bitcoin governing laws in your country.

I wish to start mining soon? Do you guarantee higher profits? Is there any risk that I must be concerned about?

You have already made an excellent choice by choosing our bitcoin mining website. Bitcoin mining on our website is simple, quick and hassle-free. It does not involve any kind of risks. We pay the best payouts in the industry. When you choose us, you automatically get every opportunity to maximize your profits through mining. Our aim is to make mining available to one and all. We adopt strict security procedures and measures to keep your financial data safe. Your transactions and data is always encrypted and never provided to 3rd party member. Our servers are fully protected and offer high performance, which means you don’t have to worry about anything.

How soon can I generate coins once I’ve made the deposit?

Coins will be deposited into your mining account within the first couple of hours after you’ve made the purchase.

How Can I withdraw funds?

In order to make withdrawals, you need to visit the withdrawal category on your account and place a request for the same.

How soon are withdrawals processed?

Withdrawals in the order in which they arrive. Most withdrawals are processed with 24 working hours but in some cases, this can extend up to 72 working hours.

How can I create a Bitcoin wallet?

In order to create your Bitcoin wallet, you can choose from a number of Bitcoin wallet providers that offer online wallet services such as coinbase.com.